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A full range of Vehicle Fleet rentals in Europe (Baltic States, Germany, Poland) and Asia (Turkey, Hongkong, Thailand, China, Japan and Malaysia)

VW Cargo and Passenger Vans: Versatile Volkswagen vans suitable for transporting cargo or passengers, offering ample space and comfort.

Nissan Cargo Trucks: Nissan cargo trucks provide reliable performance and durability, offering cost-effective solutions for transporting goods efficiently.

Volvo Trucks: Dependable Volvo trucks known for their safety features, fuel efficiency, and performance, suitable for long-haul transportation.

Iveco Trucks: Versatile Iveco trucks offering flexibility and efficiency for various transportation needs, equipped with innovative features for enhanced productivity.

VW Cargo and Passenger Vans: Versatile Volkswagen vans suitable for transporting cargo or passengers, offering ample space and comfort.

Ford Transit Vans: Ford Transit vans offer spacious cargo capacity and comfortable seating options, making them suitable for both commercial and personal transportation needs.

Chevrolet Silverado Pickup Trucks: Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks combine rugged performance with modern amenities, making them ideal for hauling cargo or towing trailers.

Toyota Hiace Vans: Toyota Hiace vans are known for their reliability and durability, offering ample cargo space and comfortable seating for passengers.

Isuzu N-Series Trucks: Isuzu N-Series trucks provide efficient and dependable transportation solutions, featuring compact designs and versatile configurations for various applications.


Contact us for more options! The offer is available only for Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Germany!

Utility Trailers: Versatile utility trailers designed for hauling equipment, tools, or miscellaneous items, providing flexibility for various transportation tasks.

Dump Trailers: Heavy-duty dump trailers capable of transporting and unloading bulk materials such as gravel, soil, or construction debris, offering convenience for construction and landscaping projects.

Flatbed Trailers with Ramps: Flatbed trailers featuring built-in ramps for easy loading and unloading of equipment, machinery, or oversized cargo, offering versatility for various hauling requirements.

Car Hauler Trailers: Specialized car hauler trailers equipped with ramps and tie-downs for transporting vehicles, providing a safe and secure solution for automotive transportation needs.

Refrigerated Trailers: Refrigerated trailers with temperature-controlled cargo space, suitable for transporting perishable goods and sensitive materials, ensuring freshness and quality during transit.

Cargo Beds with Lift Gates: Cargo beds equipped with hydraulic lift gates for effortless loading and unloading of heavy or bulky items, enhancing efficiency and safety during transportation.

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